Specialist assurance assignments

In addition to performing statutory company audits we can provide the following audit and assurance services for specialist organisations;

  • Grant applications and awards often require a Chartered Accountant to review claim applications and we are happy to do this as part of other work for clients, or on a stand-alone basis.
  • Charities– We perform audits and independent reviews for Charities across Wales, including Charities with a national presence.
  • Client money reviews– We perform client money reviews for a number of firms of solicitors in the region.
  • Industrial & prvoident societies– We have been associated with a number of the region’s Royal British Legion Clubs for many years.
  • Sports and recreational clubs– We perform assurance and accountancy services for a number of sports clubs in the region. With the work requirements for audits becoming more onerous we are happy to assist clients to move away from a statutory audit requirement and to amend their Articles accordingly.
  • Flat management companies
  • FSA regulated businesses