Hotels Guest Houses and B&B’s

If you are currently running a hotel, bed and breakfast or guest house we can provide all the services you may expect from an accountant and amongst other things we could also help you with;

Assist with grant applications
Relieve the burden of payroll administration.
Help with VAT and ensure you are on the most appropriate VAT scheme
Ensure your private use of premesis is being appropriately calculated and ensure you are operating in a tax efficient manner.
Setup of appropriate accounting and a booking systems.

If you are Contemplating the purchase of a hotel, guest house or bed and breakfast we are able to help with;

Assessing the viability of the purchase
Assisting with the preparation of cash flow forecasts and preparation of the business plans in order to obtain finance
Deciding on the business structure for your proposed business
Maximising tax savings on the purchase
Set up VAT registration, payroll scheme and dealing with everything else on starting a new business

If you are planning on selling your business you should aim to show it in the best light to potential purchasers and also ensure any tax payable on the sale is minimised we can help in these areas too.

At every stage in the life of your business we will work with you to ensure you minimise tax liabilities and maximise your profits.