Forecasts and budget preparation

Cashflow forecasts are typically needed by loan providers if you are intending to borrow money. Cashflow projections and budgets can also assist in the successful running of your business and with financial planning.

We can provide assistance to individuals and businesses on preparing cashflows, budgets and business projections as and when required. We have cash flow models for a number of industries most notably for hotels/guesthouses and caravan parks. As these industries are capital intensive it is common for banks to require such information when providing loan finance.

If we are involved with your business at this stage we can be an invaluable source of information to help you become a successful business. This may include advice on appropriate business structures, liaising with your funding providers to ensure the repayment schedules are reasonable, and to help obtain funding from grant providers etc.

It is important that forecasts and projections are not forgotten about once they have been produced so you should link this information into management accounts to allow you to benchmark the actual performance against the expected performance.